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Letter to a Friend

Life is a theory full of hypotheticals and possibilities; an equation whose answers are infinite; and a battleground we soldier thru to fight for the things of beauty.  Most things and people are broken but fractals are amazing.  We take a little of everything— the joys and pangs to create an honest whole, a flawed perfection and that’s what you are… I am.  I love every scar on your soul, because I read once no one can be brave if they’ve only had wonderful things happen to them.

“Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.”  —Charles Dickens

I see those wounds and I know “That’s a person who will fight for our friendship to sustain” and no matter what happens in our lives I can count on you for support, nurture, and love.  We live in a fickle world often governed by fear and uncertainty.  So many rough tides turn up fair weather friends… but not you.  Others can count on you when the world is at their back to roll up your sleeves and dig in the trenches.   I appreciate you and I’m better for you in my life.  You don’t rush to “group” thought and if the crowd went bridge jumping, you’d be somewhere off to the side with me laughing.  If you don’t know that or understand your value, it isn’t a reflection of you but that I need to step my game up.  See the thing is, my life with have a huge chasm if you weren’t there.  You Matter.  Plus I don’t know where I’d find another you, you’re pretty damn irreplaceable.  Trust me, I looked and knock offs are so fake and unreliable.  He was wearing colors and saying he was my brother, definitely was not as intelligent— huge mess!  All retarded with defects like the first clones.  I found damage control in a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a match though.

Travel Light,


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