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I love the nightlife

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Please don’t talk about love tonight.
Please don’t talk about sweet love.
Please don’t talk about being true
and all the trouble we’ve been through.
Ah, please don’t talk about all of the plans
we had for fixin’ this broken romance.
I want to go where the people dance.
I want some action … I want to live!

Action … I got so much to give.
I want to give it. I want to get some too.

Oh, I … Ohhh I … I love the nightlife,
I got to boogie on the disco ’round, oh yea.
Oh, I love the night life,
I got to boogie on the disco ’round, oh yea.


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Letter to a Friend

Life is a theory full of hypotheticals and possibilities; an equation whose answers are infinite; and a battleground we soldier thru to fight for the things of beauty.  Most things and people are broken but fractals are amazing.  We take a little of everything— the joys and pangs to create an honest whole, a flawed perfection and that’s what you are… I am.  I love every scar on your soul, because I read once no one can be brave if they’ve only had wonderful things happen to them.

“Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.”  —Charles Dickens

I see those wounds and I know “That’s a person who will fight for our friendship to sustain” and no matter what happens in our lives I can count on you for support, nurture, and love.  We live in a fickle world often governed by fear and uncertainty.  So many rough tides turn up fair weather friends… but not you.  Others can count on you when the world is at their back to roll up your sleeves and dig in the trenches.   I appreciate you and I’m better for you in my life.  You don’t rush to “group” thought and if the crowd went bridge jumping, you’d be somewhere off to the side with me laughing.  If you don’t know that or understand your value, it isn’t a reflection of you but that I need to step my game up.  See the thing is, my life with have a huge chasm if you weren’t there.  You Matter.  Plus I don’t know where I’d find another you, you’re pretty damn irreplaceable.  Trust me, I looked and knock offs are so fake and unreliable.  He was wearing colors and saying he was my brother, definitely was not as intelligent— huge mess!  All retarded with defects like the first clones.  I found damage control in a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a match though.

Travel Light,


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So smartphone users and habitual texters, if you applied the 80/20 rule to your friendships could you remember to enjoy yourself in the moment; listen to the people you were interacting with; and have a good time where you were… you know, like we use to. Or would the grass be greener on the other side: on Facebook, the internet, Twitter, the person texting about the party they’re at? Anywhere but where you are?

In the madness of technology, how many have forgotten how to be a Luther Vandross song and “Love the one you with?” Has our frenzy for bigger and better gadgets become our adopted personas where we’re constantly trying to upgrade our situation? Yeah, we’ll go and have a good time, that is until someone contacts you and says they’re having a better time. Then the battle of  “good times” ensues. The loser ditches their jag for yours. and reset. and reboot… as the night ensues we look for everything wrong to find a new right. Is anyone enjoying themselves anymore?

“It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.”

Albert Einstein

I feel we’ve lost our ability to connect with ourselves and others.  We skim the service but never delve further…  Are we a society of mangled hearts afraid to trust?  What becomes of us if we only allow ourselves to be vulnerable to animals?  Those who guard our hearts and secrets because they are unable to speak?  They can not reveal last night you cried for hours or you made a big mistake the other day, but I’m going to love you anyway.  Is that our fear?  Is that the root of these manic feelings, that we don’t feel lovable if you got to know us?  Are you worthy to be loved, flaws and all?  If you showed society your chips and scrapes, would you be labeled a survivor or a loser?

When the mask is off, what lies beneath is the thing of beauty- a debt paid to society by existing and stripes earned by living.  It may not be newsworthy but how you got to be where you are; who shaped who you’ve become; and where you’re headed in your journey is the true story.  It’s a tale of struggle and triumph.  It’s a saga of morality.  It isn’t a question of right or wrong.

I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you Nobody too?

-Emily Dickinson

It’s validity and relevance is a birthright by rights of humanity, and that is worth sticking around and getting to know.  My jewelry box of friends were found when I dug past the top soil and unearthed rich clusters of dirt… that when washed away unveiled vibrantsparkling gems. 




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A Letter to My Love


Today I told someone my thoughts were like lulls in an ocean.  I find myself, occasionally rendered speechless with the depth of what I think.  He said I was too quiet.  Beneath my calm, I thought of everything and I couldn’t stop talking and expressing and feeling.  I felt I had too much to say, but everything I wanted to say felt inadequate or not enough… so I said nothing, nothing at all.


This space of serenity is within me.  I am also my storm.  I am my reward.  I have made friends with solitude.  I’ve made amends with myself.  For almost a year, I’ve been in the process of great change.  There are mirrors everywhere I look.  Everyone and all things living show me myself.  So who am I not to love or forgive anyone?  I am in the midst of grief and reflection— I believe I have been the caterpillar inching forward with a hump back.  Heavy burdens that protrude with each step as I’ve climbed and sought refuge from my inner demons.  I’ve felt helpless and alone; fearful and tired; empty and bitter.  Growth it seems is not without pain.  I’ve fed myself knowledge to expand and fill the holes disappointments and setbacks have created.  I’ve become a bigger person, a better me.  I’ve even found beauty in my ugliness and mistakes.


I’ve shed a skin.

I believe we become adults in stages and today, Gladney feels a newfound gladness and freedom.  I’m reveling in me.  Perhaps that sounds silly or obnoxious but damn, I feel good!  Smiling for no reason, smiling for being.  I’m laughing out loud unexpectedly like my joy can’t be contained as a simple notion.  I am a woman fully grown.  I accept accountability for my actions thus far and those that will be committed.  I own all of me.  So that I may live truly and fully. Yes, a black butterfly.  A monarch.  A matriarch of truth, wisdom, & love.  I lay to peace those who have brought me hardship or pain.  And maybe in that, I’m selfish because I do it for me to be free.

I grew wings

Make love, not war… there are crimes of passion we commit even to ourselves.  I destroyed parts of my being because I’ve feared being hurt.  I’ve been so strong, I couldn’t be weak.  I have found it hard to trust because I didn’t want to be let down.  I was screen door, open with a layer of protection.  I was crippled, but now I’m whole.



Have you forgiven yourself for not being perfect?




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Visual Champagne and Audio Christal

I was reading a good friend of mine’s blog and stumbled across this video.  I had to jack it since I couldn’t go to sleep without watching it 3x.  It has made me feel quite jubilant and bubbly.  Which leaves me to:

1) Go and check out Elle Sessions, you can also find it in my blogroll as well.  Besides having the voice of a nightingale, Ms. Winston is one of the most fashionable persons I know.  If that wasn’t enough, she epitomizes what being classy is all about.  Matter of fact, the more I think of it if she wasn’t my friend I wouldn’t like her, lol!  Kidding but she IS that fabo and talented!  Don’t believe me see for yourself… Be sure to subscribe to her youtube page as well, for future goodies!

2)Eartha Kitt’s incredulousness is hilarious and her fearlessness is admirable.  I felt it was beautiful and insightful what she said.  Yes, indeed perhaps that is my issue that I want someone to share my love for me with me too Ms. Kitt.  This isn’t “Marcus darling” or “Santa Baby” she’s talking about love without the rose colored lenses.  Unyielding and unapologetic.  I think I just found a morning hero and have Elle Sessions to thank for it.


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Concrete Rubble

I’m trying to move

be moved

feel moved


I’m trapped.

I’m said I’m stuck!

My feet caught up…


in this love

and all of those jagged shards

around my feet.

I’d walk out the way.

but I’m ‘fraid of being cut.

You know you never quite heal


Achilles is torn.


Kimberley Gladney ©

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I Heard…

love was on the way

think it got lost

with no compass

or map

maybe ran into hate

they always fight

but no one wins

neither right

they’re so much alike

very much the same

with everyone using their names in vain…

and I think love got lost

taken like so many of our child like fantasies

replacing imagination with reality

dream killer of happily ever after and we

Love gone

it’s lost

like a childhood story

the tortoise and the hare

but there is irony and a twist

the plot be syrup thickening

and love came quick…

like rabbits

until it was cinched

and the tail end always leaves little to be desired.

there is nothing lucky about chopping off a foot to save oneself from doom

steel traps

and the heart is boxed in

screaming “Help”

then hate come slowly, steady, creeping, inching, moving forward.

We forgot he was running too

as we forgot what we were running to.

But we watched him cross the finish line.

——————————————————— F ———————————————






Kimberley Gladney ©


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