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Survival for Sinners

weatherman said it was a fast moving system
he didn’t know the wind was calling my name…

While bystanders stand in the sleet without translation
unaware to the sweet sound of natures voice
the street sounds
babies crying and mama’s gotta be up at 6
drunk driver swerving a hit and miss
lovers entwined him searching her lips for a kiss

A clenched fist, a genesis to this fight
the nine to five redefined before sunrise
Day care motherhood replacement
Children lost in the balance
Malcontent inebriation darts off course

the go getta
the storms coming
maybe trouble coming
a reckoning
righter of wrongs
bumbling home in the pouring rain
cleanse me
purify these souls
the greenest green
and let it fall
let it all come down
no pretensions now

I see supporting joints weaken
Cement structures begin crumbling to powder
Simply to the thought of revelation
Once frothing at the mouth in defense
These guard dogs cower beneath our feet for protection
There is a clean slate, A black foundation bleached white
Where old beliefs are plucked like feathers
learning to trust is easier said than done
but we’ve always been one
yeah, we’ve always been one

weatherman said it was a fast moving system
he didn’t know the wind was calling us

SouthernQuill & Lalli

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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

“I don’t ever want to show anyone my physical and psychological wounds and scars without telling them what caused me to hurt, what it will take to heal me, and what collectively and responsibly should be done to prevent similar injuries from ever happening, again – for me or to others”

-Assotto Saint

I found this great quote from a blog I follow, brohogany. when I was making my rounds this morning.  If you get a chance, check out his site.  It’s full of insight, love, and understanding.  I don’t know how I discovered it, I’m just glad I did… I think you will be too.

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The Rainy Day Musings:

        The Ride Home


I miss my grandmother

She made homemade biscuits cut from a mason jar

I make Pillsbury


Hip Hop Hooray. Hooo. Hey!

My socks were scrunched, Bugs Bunny‘s pants sagged on my t-shirt

We weren’t naughty by nature, but in the streets we played next to broken bottles

…and homes


3 o’clock traffic

square windows

so many lives


On the radio, Cee-Lo crooned “Fuck You

She urged the light to stay green

but this isn’t about urgency, but patience

because I secretly agreed, it was a long light


It was a 5 car pile up

one of the cars was brand new

fresh off the adjacent lot

He shoulda been a gambler

Driven with Lady Luck


The accident was horrific

but I guess you can’t plan some things

like the policemen’s blinking lights

but someone flipped the switch


People at bus stops

remind me of fallen leaves

forgotten until someone or something picks them up


I avoided eye contact with the homeless man

I had food and shelter

He had petty cash


Sign said Sunshine Laundromat

It was empty inside

Guess they don’t watch the weather channel


When your hands are cold

You can always count on the back of your thighs

to warm them

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& Flowers

I went walking midday Wednesday to clear my head and I saw dandelions.  Happy, and bright.  I thought of the commercials that advertise insecticides.  They kill them and call them weeds, but on my walk they were wondrous.  Nature calls them flowers.  Sometimes in life we focus on labels that leaves us with an inability to see things as they are.  Then we can’t appreciate them because our minds say we shouldn’t, i.e “That’s damaged, That’s wrong, That isn’t right.”  Worth is a tricky thing to define.  But I felt they deserved being flowers.  I think they deserved being showcased.  I remembered, as a child, racing to grab them in their pod stage.  We’d blow them and make wishes.  There were fields of them and a strong gust of wind would send them floating into the air like winged pixies.  I’d think, “I’m dancing in wishes”— I was in a field of hope.  Oh how special and unique I still feel when one comes looking for me.  My gleeful attempts to catch the spore and hold a tiny miracle or bit of magic. I blow it away… I send it to the gods, God, heaven, the fates, the creator, Yahshua, or whomever is in charge of making wishes come true.  I didn’t feel silly as a kid and I feel just fine with it now.

I tell you who ever judges me in those moments of magi and movement are just missing out!

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[artist unknown]


I asked myself the question, “What do you want of your life?” and I realized with a start of recognition and terror, “Exactly what I have – but to be commensurate, to handle it all better.” May Sarton

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Little White/Black Lies

A friend of mine posted on facebook that the three biggest lies told are:

1) I’m fine

2)This is my last stick of gum

3) I have read and agree to the Terms of Service & Conditions

I had a good laugh when I read it, but began to think about the top players that come carousing in my life.  It’s amazing what you stumble across when you navigate through fiction and deception.  I could say I love you but I was loved.  I could say I’ll always be there for you, but those who make that promise have been even if it wasn’t always when I really needed it.  I could even throw out I need you, but I’ve said those very words and found I didn’t need those as much as I thought.  Three— do I list betrayals that have cut the deepest or reveal those repeat offenders… hmm, both.



So that brings me here:

1)I’m fine.

2)The truth is…

3)I’m on my way.

What are yours? 


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I tell you, it has become apparent to me that my struggles in life are beautiful things.  I won’t deny that happy days don’t feel good, but they are easy.  I make great choices because they come with ease and do not require thought.  If there is a such thing as “going with the motions” them the flow is free.


However, if living in darkness and one must be light- there is beauty.  If filled with sorrow and one can still feel joy for those who are happy- there is beauty.  If others are doing well and one is living in the grips of poverty and not feel resentment- there is beauty.  If I can take my dissatisfaction with the human plight & conditions and still see beauty- there, my friends, is evidence of God and love.


There is no depth to being  a good person when things are going well… No, my friends live through hell and still believe in heaven.


I think that is how one finds happiness.





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