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For Daily Struggle & Survival


by Kayn
Everybody’s listening,
But not everybody hears.
Everybody’s brave,
Still everybody fears.

Everybody’s searching,
But not everybody finds.
Everybody’s looking,
But is everybody blind?

Our lives are what we make them

By design and chance,
Still innocent victims of circumstance.

Everybody’s wanting,

And everybody needs.
Everybody’s trying,
But not everyone succeeds.

Everybody’s laughing,

Still everybody grieves.
Everybody’s praying,
But not everyone believes.

The meaning of life is simple,

Nothing elaborate or complex.
Life is not a game,
Nor is it a test.

We are born with no road map,

We are given no guide.
The answers in life
Are ours to decide.
To do with as we please,
And all of life’s answers.

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