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Letter to a Friend

Life is a theory full of hypotheticals and possibilities; an equation whose answers are infinite; and a battleground we soldier thru to fight for the things of beauty.  Most things and people are broken but fractals are amazing.  We take a little of everything— the joys and pangs to create an honest whole, a flawed perfection and that’s what you are… I am.  I love every scar on your soul, because I read once no one can be brave if they’ve only had wonderful things happen to them.

“Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.”  —Charles Dickens

I see those wounds and I know “That’s a person who will fight for our friendship to sustain” and no matter what happens in our lives I can count on you for support, nurture, and love.  We live in a fickle world often governed by fear and uncertainty.  So many rough tides turn up fair weather friends… but not you.  Others can count on you when the world is at their back to roll up your sleeves and dig in the trenches.   I appreciate you and I’m better for you in my life.  You don’t rush to “group” thought and if the crowd went bridge jumping, you’d be somewhere off to the side with me laughing.  If you don’t know that or understand your value, it isn’t a reflection of you but that I need to step my game up.  See the thing is, my life with have a huge chasm if you weren’t there.  You Matter.  Plus I don’t know where I’d find another you, you’re pretty damn irreplaceable.  Trust me, I looked and knock offs are so fake and unreliable.  He was wearing colors and saying he was my brother, definitely was not as intelligent— huge mess!  All retarded with defects like the first clones.  I found damage control in a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a match though.

Travel Light,


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Pizza Dough & Life Lessons

I just had a memory as I late night snack.  There’s this great pizzeria in Portland, ME called Flatbread Company.  Their boxes said  “Food is Love.” It’s stuck with me ever since. All the great moments in my life have been across a kitchen table with friends, the intimacy of the moment thinking, “Yes, food is love.”  We were laughing, sharing anecdotes, passionately debating, and loving each moment as we drove our points home.  Music played in the background, the songs becoming numbers in the soundtrack of our lives… All those familiar faces who one doesn’t have to say anything to, but reveals everything; the smiles; and the sense of kinship.  A meal brings it together. It brings together families, allowing children to impress their parents and later lends a sense of security, “Yes I was loved.”  Siblings swap memories of kicking each other beneath the table and how mom hated elbows on it and the corny jokes that dad always told- even sneaking to feeding the family pet. Husbands and wives think of the moments of quiet comfort shared over a cup of coffee or those heated moments “before the kids.”  Lovers exchange intimate gazes over candlelight or in a restaurant and feel alone, just the two of them as the world becomes a mist that fades away to the background.  She watches his face of rapture as a flavorful bite of perfectly seasoned Chateaubriand explodes his taste buds.  He looks at her close her eyes in ecstasy as delicate bits of Tiramisu burst into mini pieces of coco richness onto her tongue.  In this, they become children of eros— filled with wanton thoughts and desire.

Where does love take over, at the tip of a spoon or fork? Religions and cultures worldwide view breaking bread as an honor.  It is a sacred act to share one’s meal with another. A Sukuma Afrikaan prayers involves sprinkling water and flour before meals to the four corners of the Earth:

Facing east: “For our ancestors of the distant past.”
Facing west: “For our recent living dead.”
Facing north: “For our living.”
Facing south: “For our yet unborn.”

I don’t know where love takes over but food transcends and as I learned years ago in a crowded eatery filled with strangers, hipsters, squares, youth, and elderly; different heritages, ethnics, and demographics biting into a slice of Coevolution pizza giggling as I dropped tomatoes with a thread of mozzarella on my chin-

Food is LOVE.”

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GM [Audio Post]

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I had a conversation with a friend regarding the actions of my current friend, her former friend. They no longer speak…they have lived life in such a manner to ensure their paths did not cross- Their bridge burned.  She had recently had information disclosed to her pertaining to negative actions our acquaintance had made.  We argued over it awhile.  I know who my friend has become, you see.  She is not the same girl who made those choices.  The woman she is now is not capable of doing those things and willingly hurting another.  She has grown from those mistakes and is a better human being for it.  I debated with myself, should I say something or leave it alone. The thing is people often enslave others to their perceptions.  My friend is always be no good to some individuals.  In turn, when she is around them no matter how kind she is they would hold her to that box.  She will eventually feel slighted and act on that anger, thus solidifying that image that has been molded of her.  I can not say anything to her that may damage her recovery to becoming a beautiful person.  How long do we punish others for their mistakes?  Why must we cripple and disable them from being good people by throwing their past in their face and reminding them of what they did wrong?  I feel saddened.  I’ve been in that cage…

We must learn that everyone deserves the opportunity to rise.


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People who don’t bend never make for good friends or company.

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The Secret Life of Befriending Women

Ladies are becoming extinct. Didn’t you hear?
Being a lady is no longer sexy or comely… attractive.
I don’t want to know what you’re going to wear when we go out,
and don’t too much think, you need to know my attire.
I hardly grasp the connection of what one has to do with the other.
what you choose to wear is not an influence on me or my style,
so very different from yours.

Don’t tell me you’re angry because you didn’t know I was dressing up?
Baby girl, why do you even give a fuck?
We’re not in competition….
or are we?
Did I uneven things up?
Don’t you know I’d wear jeans to a banquet and rock them, show stop’em
because people would see my confidence and not the L-E V-I rubbing my thighs.

Do you and do it well!
Less me, more you
and you’ll be cool…
because I love ya and don’t care how you’re wearing your hair.
I just want to go out and have a good time,
not worry about dressing equally with my friend.
You see, I don’t go out to meet men or get more numbers than you.
I want to spend time, go one on one, with you
work gets stressful – sometimes men get on my nerve!!!
I just wanted to drink, do some dancing, laugh a while, and hang with my girl.
but this ladies night is turning into the Olympics and there’s only losers here.
Am I her friend or yours?!?
Isn’t that 1st grade?
I don’t have to choose because I’m cool with both of you.
I’m sorry ya’ll don’t get along and can’t work things out.
However, my friendship with her is not a reflection of me and you
I’m perfectly capable of avoiding the situation of you two.
I don’t tell your business just like I won’t tell you hers.
Quite frankly, you saying that is really immature.
I’d be weak if I allowed you to pick and choose my friends
and it’s not misplaced loyalties, I’d kill the man that did you wrong.
But what you guys have is petty,
and you’ve equally fueled the fire.
So leave me out of it- alone.
We’ve all got faults, no one’s perfect, right?
There’s some good in everyone and there’s some bad.
Nobody would like anyone, if we only focused on weaknesses.
If you hate someone it’s because you choose to.
Don’t expect that of me, She accepts my faults and I accept hers.
So be careful on that pedestal….
cause someone’s judging you and not accepting yours.

Why you mad at her for sleeping with your man- She a hoe?!
Yeah, but that’s something we already know.
I’ll tell you something and know it to be true:
Being mad at her, only makes you a fool.
Be glad you know the nature of a man that will never treasure your worth.
Treat that girl like a crusader whose found the map to gold unearthed.
Let him go and keep it moving.
It’s ok to be mad.
But trying to get revenge on someone who obviously didn’t care about you,
only makes him laugh… amuses his friends.
Won’t change a thing.
Don’t be mad at her, even if she was your “friend”
at least now you know where you really stand.
The worst thing you can do to people who did you wrong
is remove yourself from there lives and keep loving and keep living.
Anything else is toxic.
Not worth your integrity.
Plus two wrongs don’t make a right
and 9 times out of 10 with people who do things in the dark,
you were their only source of light.
I don’t know if that outfit looks cute.
Wear it if it does it for you.
Wear it if it makes you feel good.
Fuck what everybody says, just do it for you.
Don’t do it to make her jealous
Don’t do it to make them hate.
Do it because it’s you and it what you wanna do
and you’ll be straight.
Lil Mama.
lil mama.
Yeah, I see he riding on big rims
and he can buy the bar.
but that’s his money.
He real clean, I admit
but his attitude smell like shit.
I ain’t interested…

He’s going to buy you stuff.
So what?

If a man has a million buck and he gives you 2G’s- you’re not special.
Neither are the other 9 women, he’s giving cash to.
That money doesn’t have worth to him because he got it.
Don’t mistake payments for love.
You didn’t even dent his pockets
Stop bragging about how he sprung
and the shopping sprees
What you giving him is priceless….
what he gives you, grows on trees.

You giving away your goods, your stock is going down.
These days pussy is real easy to be found.
You don’t leave no room for mystery.
Don’t lay no bricks of conversation.
Your relationship lacks depth…
a foundation.
mutual respect is not earned
in the number of bust nuts.
Let’s not go there.
We in this life, this world together- not apart.
they speak ill of messiahs and saints, so you know they talk about you and me.
we have to know our worth, our value, and make our feelings known
only bad fruits come from seeds planted in resentment
Keep Friends close, enemies closer, do harm to none.

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