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Comments from Facebook not to be confused with Conversations with God

Jesse Bacon makes everything taste better.

February 15 at 12:05am via Mobile Web


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So smartphone users and habitual texters, if you applied the 80/20 rule to your friendships could you remember to enjoy yourself in the moment; listen to the people you were interacting with; and have a good time where you were… you know, like we use to. Or would the grass be greener on the other side: on Facebook, the internet, Twitter, the person texting about the party they’re at? Anywhere but where you are?

In the madness of technology, how many have forgotten how to be a Luther Vandross song and “Love the one you with?” Has our frenzy for bigger and better gadgets become our adopted personas where we’re constantly trying to upgrade our situation? Yeah, we’ll go and have a good time, that is until someone contacts you and says they’re having a better time. Then the battle of  “good times” ensues. The loser ditches their jag for yours. and reset. and reboot… as the night ensues we look for everything wrong to find a new right. Is anyone enjoying themselves anymore?

“It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.”

Albert Einstein

I feel we’ve lost our ability to connect with ourselves and others.  We skim the service but never delve further…  Are we a society of mangled hearts afraid to trust?  What becomes of us if we only allow ourselves to be vulnerable to animals?  Those who guard our hearts and secrets because they are unable to speak?  They can not reveal last night you cried for hours or you made a big mistake the other day, but I’m going to love you anyway.  Is that our fear?  Is that the root of these manic feelings, that we don’t feel lovable if you got to know us?  Are you worthy to be loved, flaws and all?  If you showed society your chips and scrapes, would you be labeled a survivor or a loser?

When the mask is off, what lies beneath is the thing of beauty- a debt paid to society by existing and stripes earned by living.  It may not be newsworthy but how you got to be where you are; who shaped who you’ve become; and where you’re headed in your journey is the true story.  It’s a tale of struggle and triumph.  It’s a saga of morality.  It isn’t a question of right or wrong.

I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you Nobody too?

-Emily Dickinson

It’s validity and relevance is a birthright by rights of humanity, and that is worth sticking around and getting to know.  My jewelry box of friends were found when I dug past the top soil and unearthed rich clusters of dirt… that when washed away unveiled vibrantsparkling gems. 




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The Trouble with Social Networks

You have to be careful of who you befriend or add.  I hold my head in shame…

I’ve become comrades with pushers, thieves, gold diggers and pimps.

The truth is

I have a lot of friends who grow pot on farmville and sell it on mafia wars so they can support their lifestyles on yoville.  They frequent cafe world just to hit on the girls from sorority life.  A big fashion war broke out amongst the ladies and several of them have been kidnapped and a lot of people liked it.  I’ve been stressed out because someone tagged a picture of me and the police considered me a suspect.  Luckily I tweeted when I left, so my name was cleared.

And I never even left home…

See, that’s the trouble with Social Networks & Media.

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Our Youth

We live in a society where young women like Heidi Montag view having several plastic surgeries in one day at age 23 as acceptable or posh.  Our world has become plastic and synthetic, the dollar isn’t the only thing losing value…

“And yet what we teach children in school is 2 + 2 = 4 and Paris is the capital of France. What we should be teaching them is what they are. We should be saying: “Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the world there is no other child exactly like you. You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything! Yes, you are marvel.”

Pablo Casals


Poet Sevan [Apollo Poetry] had this quote as his Facebook status today and I thought how beautifully said.

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