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Learning who I am and what I feel one day at a time. Not striving for perfection but the best me…


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R3ligion & Slav3ry

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We sadly turn on our televisions and hear stories where a child is taken from an abusive home covered in dirt and grime.  They’re bathed and nurtured then out comes this amazing, resilient being whose heart is still capable of love, trust, and purity.  Belief… They grow up to be not only survivors, but protectors.  They fearlessly share their stories with the world, so others can know it’s ok to be broken and there is redemption.  We admire those children and commend their strength.  Yet, we judge ourselves and others for being fallible.  We don’t give ourselves a break from imperfection, struggle, and hardship.  We blame ourselves “It’s my fault!” we say.  Then we punish ourselves with self recrimination and vice.

Too often we say we have faith, and quietly crumble.  I hold on to the child inside me b/c the adult is too cynical and not as strong.  My “inner child” lets me see the world without being jaded.  It allows people I love to hurt me and I instantly forgive them and allow them to make things right.  It lets me laugh when I fall or make a mistake.  It enables me to find joy in little inane things.  It allows me to share because I love.  It makes me unafraid to receive love.  It keeps me from worrying if I get too dirty or banged up when doing the things that I love.  It makes me brave enough to go out in the world each day to try to succeed again.  My childishness is the best part of me because without it, I’d be hopeless and prone to despair…

but here I am, coloring outside the lines and using all the crayons that I treasure in a shabby box.

Travel Light,


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“Because all I have to give,  is music”

—Chet Baker [Chet’s Romance circa 1989]

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Streams of Conscious



two steps forward

& two steps back

All we have is now


How do you follow up

I love you?

“Say baby, life’s no good if you ain’t in it”


I was channeling surfing for a connection

Nothing was on ‘cept you

running through my mind


chugga chugga

if you’re the conductor of this movement

I’ll board


I write all our mistakes

every bad thing we say

It makes us tragically beautiful


missed opportunities

Easter is about redemption

not disappointment


our time was borrowed

my heart, a loan

and I want my shit back



You should stick to poker

the bets are clearer than love


The harder I run and resist

all those sharp rights

led me back to your side


It’s not that I’m weak

or foolish

but those flowers you gave me

were wrapped in parchment paper

shaped like a dunce cap

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