Everyday is a new day… a chance to outdo yourself from the day before.  I’m trying to be woman of the year.  I don’t like pedestals as I easily fall but I’ve learned to love each and every flaw.  Aren’t diamonds?  Every jewel, a gem. And every gem, a rock.   Even clams make pearls.  So, I smile at the ugliness that makes the world.  I enjoy the rain because it brings the sun.  Am I a demigod, no.  I find it peculiar when you try to make me one.  Besides, you don’t know Adam til your feet cramp in another’s shoes.  Only people who seek perfection in others lose… Part of themselves. Out of touch with reality. Traaaaagedy.  Who’s worthy enough to define worthiness?

Who’s really that blessed? That stressless? That regretless?

If we’re all 6 degrees from each other, he could be you and she could be me… something to keep in mind when you glimpsing the outside of closed doors.  There’s too much going on, to focus on little things.   If you dream in color, you can see the bigger picture… a wider spectrum. hag. nag. bitch. complain. grumplestilskin- Yeah we know your names and recognize your faces.   Part of the Joyless Club and you “whine” and dine on misfortunate cookies.   A bag lady or killjoy. When you show up, all you bring is noise.

Where you at, where you at?

You like to point out what he/she have going on, hating the way they dance to that song, everyone and everything in your life is wrong, and judging everyone- Same Sad Song.  Life is a mirror. It reflects what you see, how you feel, what you think.  You’ve become a positivity anorexic- you have all the love in the world, but you just don’t get it.   Bingeing and purging on your own unhappy urges. Damn, it’s got to be shitty being a life critic ; (

I’m just me and everyday I try to be a better me… I entertain no notions of perfection.   I don’t seek it in others so, so many doors have opened for me.  I’ve learned to embrace my sisters and brothers.  Don’t carry grievances and negative perceptions, like an insect repellent-killing every gnat of joy.  Happiness is a choice.  A lot of people work very hard at being unhappy…  I guess I’m trying to say don’t bring your yesterday into your tomorrow.   Keep things in their place.   Or as Big mama would say, “Take lemons and made Lemonade… there’s no use in crying over spilt milk.”   Life is short, enjoy it and every moment should be heralded as the gift it is.   Be the best whomever you are to everybody.  Don’t get me wrong, I slip up…  But truth is, no choice is made easy.   Sometimes, you have to do things based on principle, lol!

Everything happens for a reason…  Sometimes, bad luck is good luck and misfortune is a blessing.  For all I’ve endured and been through, I’m here and that’s all right with me ’cause a lot of us are gone or locked up and I have a chance.  Everyday I wake up and realize I have the power to make my day go however I want to…  I didn’t always know that.

Time heals all wounds, if you let it.

I am incredibly strong and independent but recognize my fragility and vulnerability.  I hate needing and am proud… it took a long time for me to allow myself help in any form… I tend to want to do things myself… work it out myself.  That’s a pretty way of saying I’m stubborn.  I am an “in the moment” kinda girl.  I love waking up and hopping in the car aimlessly, see where the day takes me… the wind carries me. I believe in karma, fate, and destiny.  I actively work on shaping each.  I’m a poet what can I say…. I like to smell the roses… not focus on the thorns.  For that reason I hate people who complain.  I’m extremely spontaneous… I’m the friend you can call spur of the moment and say let’s go here and I’ll say my bag’s packed and ready to go, lol.  Pretty Upbeat, That’s upbeat in a good way not happy chick at the office you want to kill, lol.   I love to laugh and have definitely earned my clown stripes.   Laughter is the best feeling in the world… the highest high… is infectious…addictive. I’m drawn to people who do so often or they gravitate towards me for the same reasons.  There’s only one other that could compete but that’s another conversation.  I’m such a closet dork.  I love reading a good book and will miss TV, events to curl up and do so.  I’m a night owl.  The night is beautiful.  It’s my favorite time of day… is when the worlds unwinds, sighs in unison.  It’s for sipping a glass of wine and listening to John Coltrane’s Naima.  I am generally the source of wisdom to my friends, family, and coworkers…strangers in stores.  I love smiling because I like being happy.  I LOVE traveling and have done so extensively for the past 10 years…  What can I say I’m a Sagittarius.  I’m very active.  I definitely get cabin fever and sometimes I have the urge to be outside and around nature.  I have a lot of life. The worst thing is to be around people who want to stifle what’s in me.

My job in this world is to love.
Your job is to love.

Our mission is to enlighten and rise above ourselves.


That’s free.

I’m free.

If you want to know about me, I’m free and I love it and I’m happy.

That’s what this Blog is about and that’s me-

In a Nutshell