The Negligence of Junctures

I waited.

for you

for me

and I’m not selfish

see my mind was on giving

… I didn’t want nothing to show for it

not a certificate

or plaque

Not even my name in the Sunday paper

Just you

and I was going to be fine

I even robbed time

of a few extra hours

to make room for you in my day

thought you was worth making me a thief

of space

but then I was waiting


to come alive

just beneath the surface

a tiny smile

my present

to myself

for being a good woman

and I was waiting

’til I realized I was waiting

and those hours I stole

went by at a snail’s pace

like a slap in the face

because you knew

I was stealing for you

and the day I was going to have

wasn’t had

and the before I would’ve

known was gone

like an elder gent

whose lived long enough

to know time is precious

and waits for no one

and even if he must grab a cane

he presses on

had moved on without me

all because I’d said

I’d made some insteads

And nothing worse than eating crow

unless it tossed down with an “I told you so”

I phoned a replacement to do

but they just said we left without you

me and my big other plans…

it couldn’t’ve been my mouth

as I never had a say

They thought I’d be off with that man

So I did nothing

carried around that spare time

like loose change

waiting to be spent

I wheeled it like a spare tire

on the flat of my day

a high note

with no opera singer to sing

I waited.

waited for the apology

and the story

and did I mention I’ve never been patient

but I figure when you’re being held up

It’s always a surprise

Freeze! karma pointed the clock at me

See I’d penciled things in

and erased them

I mean I was going to pay them back-

I promise!

I was just making time

and didn’t know, he was swiping mine…

and I couldn’t write them back.

Kimberley Gladney ©


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