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Jesse Bacon makes everything taste better.

February 15 at 12:05am via Mobile Web



Jessica I love bacon 馃檪
February 15 at 12:10am 路 路 2 people like this
Jesse One of my friends and the nurse I work with, their last names are Bacon. The friend is out here from San Fran and he is tasty and fun 馃槈
February 15 at 12:16am 路 路 1 person likes this
Jesse Bacon….is a religious experience.
February 15 at 2:05am

Kimberley ….and on the 7th day God created Bacon and Adam ordered ribs and a thing named Eve brought it to him and satan tempted the Eve with some sauce and she seduced Adam with wet naps and God got mad because he don’t share his pork and kicked them out the bbq and him and satan got in a fight over marinating and dry rubs and it’s a battle over which to use and people who don’t like ham and bacon go to hell or some like that I remember from Sunday School in Tn.*


*clear indication I should be in bed b/c I think I’m funny and “extra” creative when inebriated or delirious.
February 15 at 2:22am 路 路 1 person likes this
Brian I can thank bacon for my ever increasing meat gut
February 15 at 4:02am
Rob Behold the power of bacon!
February 15 at 5:46am
Ann 鈥:( No bacon for me please.
February 15 at 8:30am
Meesh Yes it does!
February 15 at 8:58am
Millicent it even makes bacon taste better 馃檪
February 15 at 10:01am 路 路 1 person likes this


#TrueStory “It’s Bacon!!!”


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