I imagine when it is morning I pace, thoughts racing in a creative phase, but can’t place them.  In these instances, I am a fisherman reeling in my thoughts trying to find the big catch.  See I need to eat and I need to feed.  A full belly soothes me and the madness is relaxing… the mania feels like breath to me.

And aha! this shark is my proof.  It is evidence that I have not been lazing the day away, but I’ve navigated through several streams of consciousness.  I’m angling for a piece of mind.  I’ve got a whale of a tale and it’s current.  My net was never meant to be inspected.  You can gut yourself, but I won’t allow you to cut me and clean me out.  The debate is the bait.



You can’t cast away my soul just because you’ve never been fishing in the ocean.  You stand there in the middle of a river, your waders drip as you fly fish.   But I tell you, I have been naked and I’ve swam with  dolphins.


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