“First I’d like to thank the academy….”


So my spambox finally dished me something tasty!!!  No I did not win free Viagra, Canadian drugs, a flatscreen 24in tv.  I will not be doing surveys to win a coffee maker, iPhone, or iPad.  Believe it or not, spring cleaning led me to the discovery that I am a winner of the First Class Blogger Award from the people over at First Class Award. What made it really special is, it was given pretty much on the eve of when this blog began.  So, I hope I’m doing something good and maybe this means that none of my readers are going to hell.  Yes, I believe this honor has solidified our entry into the “the pearly” and validated that we are good people who do bad things.


Seriously though, I never thought I’d win anything in beginning this.  I didn’t even know I was being considered for this achievement so getting an unexpected pat on the bad is awesome to the 25th power.  Lord knows I’m an inconsistent blogger whose daily reliability rate is . something, but I’m real and this heart in my chest is also on my sleeve and on this page.  You guys have been with me for a whole year.  You’ve kept me company through good nights, heartache, funks, bad periods, frustration, disheartenment, joy, success—-life.


And I thank you for subscribing and the team at First Class Bloggers for the recognition.  As Charlie Sheen would say “Winning”!






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