Little White/Black Lies

A friend of mine posted on facebook that the three biggest lies told are:

1) I’m fine

2)This is my last stick of gum

3) I have read and agree to the Terms of Service & Conditions

I had a good laugh when I read it, but began to think about the top players that come carousing in my life.  It’s amazing what you stumble across when you navigate through fiction and deception.  I could say I love you but I was loved.  I could say I’ll always be there for you, but those who make that promise have been even if it wasn’t always when I really needed it.  I could even throw out I need you, but I’ve said those very words and found I didn’t need those as much as I thought.  Three— do I list betrayals that have cut the deepest or reveal those repeat offenders… hmm, both.



So that brings me here:

1)I’m fine.

2)The truth is…

3)I’m on my way.

What are yours? 



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