Visual Champagne and Audio Christal

I was reading a good friend of mine’s blog and stumbled across this video.  I had to jack it since I couldn’t go to sleep without watching it 3x.  It has made me feel quite jubilant and bubbly.  Which leaves me to:

1) Go and check out Elle Sessions, you can also find it in my blogroll as well.  Besides having the voice of a nightingale, Ms. Winston is one of the most fashionable persons I know.  If that wasn’t enough, she epitomizes what being classy is all about.  Matter of fact, the more I think of it if she wasn’t my friend I wouldn’t like her, lol!  Kidding but she IS that fabo and talented!  Don’t believe me see for yourself… Be sure to subscribe to her youtube page as well, for future goodies!

2)Eartha Kitt’s incredulousness is hilarious and her fearlessness is admirable.  I felt it was beautiful and insightful what she said.  Yes, indeed perhaps that is my issue that I want someone to share my love for me with me too Ms. Kitt.  This isn’t “Marcus darling” or “Santa Baby” she’s talking about love without the rose colored lenses.  Unyielding and unapologetic.  I think I just found a morning hero and have Elle Sessions to thank for it.


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2 responses to “Visual Champagne and Audio Christal

  1. You are kind and absolutely amazing in your own right! Thank you Kimberley. BTW: There is def some Ms. Kitt in you. 🙂

    • No, just calling a spade a spade and you rock which leads to also folks google “Bata Ire” another one of Ms. Winston’s facets of greatness. Many people have delusions of grandeur, this is not a complaint as those people tend to tickle my funny bone making my inner dialogue and commentary hilarious but Lauren IS superb and always honest so also remember she said I’m amazing and we have it in print for when she’s famous 😉

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