There was a time when…

girls used to dress like women

and ladies used to dress as queens;

boys would imitate the fellas

and the guys would look like men.



Now Sex is the new Grace, Dapper has laid dormant to Trappers;

There is nothing left to imagine and

the lineage of Kings has become a hidden thing.

And I ask myself,

“From this new generation, are there wives and husbands”?

“Infidelity is in!”

The latest thing is to be a mistress or courtesan, boy toy or gigolo.

Romance is throw back game and courtship means fucking.

Hoe is the way to go in – the –  FUTURE

In the future, children will not have two parent homes.

That’s right, That’s right!!!

Divorce is obsolete

No one even makes it that far.




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4 responses to “There was a time when…

  1. I won’t lose hope that those who want to see a family in one roof will take the risk of building and loving one for themselves. Happy New Year!

    • I should hope not, it would be a lonely world indeed. Sometimes we need wake up calls to see what we’re doing and where we’re at. I think society is killing love… and for those of us who have the ability to still do it, we have to be that mirror and reality check for those who have forgotten how to or don’t even remember there is such a thing. Happy New Year to you Too! Thanks for stopping by… of course you know I’m about to visit you now, lol!

      • ‘society is killing love’
        Yup I think so too and succumb to fear of the challenges of building a family. I am afraid too at times but got to focus on what I’m here for — to love for one 🙂

      • We all suffer from fear. I think now, it’s just a matter of knowing what we’re afraid of so we can realize what we’re fighting and to pick and choose our battles. Love is the answer. I have to learn to be brave enough to receive love. That’s my lesson, learning to take and not be the constant giver.

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