The Trouble with The Snooze Button

Besides the fact that, we all know the name is really the “WTF???” button, is that it doesn’t really work.  The truth is you really should get your ass up when you’re supposed to.  Unless you live alone, work from home, or live close to your job- just act like it doesn’t exist.  You seldomhit it once and let’s be real, “Aren’t you too old to set a 6a.m. alarm only to push SNOOZE for a whole hour?” Don’t you think that’s just a little ridiculous?

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.

~Richard Whately

Now if you live with someone who does that, man your day starts off hysterically!  How many times must they rush around the house sounding like extras from Jurassic Park taking those panicky hard steps all over the place?  Why do they get mad at us for laughing while they commit random acts of delirium?  It really isn’t fair.  Besides life is too short and fragile for us to be on any residential streets with you while you drive like a bat out of hell because you’re late… again.  I’ve seen many of you and I’ve been there myself. Honking at cars and riding people’s bumpers, just to race them to the red light.  If you’re going to worship the Procrastination Idol, own your religion- Keep the hares close, the tortoise even closer, and don’t run over none.




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