I tell you, it has become apparent to me that my struggles in life are beautiful things.  I won’t deny that happy days don’t feel good, but they are easy.  I make great choices because they come with ease and do not require thought.  If there is a such thing as “going with the motions” them the flow is free.


However, if living in darkness and one must be light- there is beauty.  If filled with sorrow and one can still feel joy for those who are happy- there is beauty.  If others are doing well and one is living in the grips of poverty and not feel resentment- there is beauty.  If I can take my dissatisfaction with the human plight & conditions and still see beauty- there, my friends, is evidence of God and love.


There is no depth to being  a good person when things are going well… No, my friends live through hell and still believe in heaven.


I think that is how one finds happiness.





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