Dear World,


They used to make poets be literary teachers, call them great orators & activists.  They’d give poets honorary degrees to teach what they live, what they see, what they breathe.  They used to pick poets’ brains apart and want them to “Speak Speak Speak” so the world could “Listen Listen Listen” but now the world don’t hear poetry anymore but seek healing from the mundane and cold, the unhuman and inhumane.  They get religion from charlatans, media, politicians, and what he said she said just to get the weight off their chests and her breast and now poets are just people with world size monkeys on their backs and a twinkle in their eyes so when they cry, they shine… hoping the world see the light …



If you’re looking to give the gift of insight, beauty, and healing— here’s your stocking stuffer.  You know we tend to give people material things that don’t mean much… jeans that will fade, a phone that will break, a camera that will crack.  But I tell you when someone says something that touches you or if you read anything that moves you, it stays.  It sticks with you and you find that someone else needed those words.  So here’s to a poet’s poet.


Just in time for Christmas, offering up a little forgiveness, some redemption, and blessed understanding of the human condition—Support things that make a difference.  Get a copy of his latest book for yourself or someone you truly care about—>Parched Roots by Lalli


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“Parched Roots, testifies to the evolution of my writing. As I have been working hard to develop my craft the messages have become more uplifting/encouraging integrated with better visual imagery projected from my poetry and the accompaniment of photos to accentuate the meaning of my words.”


Jason Lalli



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  1. Jason Lalli

    Have I ever told you how much I love you 🙂 I will never forget a conversation we had…”You’re always doing big things and no one ever knows you did ’em until you did it.” This is a big gesture to me, as I am only now finding out about it. Shine on my friend. Shine on. 🙂

    • Yes you have and the feeling is mutual my friend. I ❤ the hell out of you and I admire you so much— you do beautiful things for the community and I wish the world were filled with more selfless people.

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