Do you remember back in the day when

people used to go joy riding?

You know, before the 2000’s.


Yeah, those were the good ol’ days.

Now, you can’t get me to drive around the corner…

Quite frankly, going to get gas, is too damn far!


Do you remember back in the day when you used

to just drive over your friends house to visit?

You know, before the 2000’s.


Yeah, those were good times…

Now, the only friend you go visit is the one who needs a ride.

—and they better have gas money!

Do you remember back in the day when it use

to be cheaper to drive if you went on a vacation?

You know, in the 2000’s.


Yeah, those were fun adventures…

Now, you sit on your computer all day

trying to catch a freaking Southwest ding.


I want to go green but damn, going green is expensive!  WTF kind of tomfoolery is going on?  I hate to be judgmental when I’m not being judgmental–but– is it just me or are Hybrid cars too damn expensive?!?  Who was in charge of pricing?  Seriously folks, who prices vehicles?  I think we should find out and once we do, I’m totally with you guys for the tarring and feathering portion of our discovery.  I do not condone violence except when I’m feeling violent BUT I am a strong advocate for justice being served…  At least we should be able to tie him [yes, I decided it was a man because male common sense does not seem to, well you know] to a chair and slap the shit out of him several times and ask him pertinent questions like:


Why in the hell is the hybrid car more expensive than gasoline vehicles?


Why is the car that doesn’t require gas priced where people with gas money can afford it?


Why are the cars that need gas all the damn time so cheap?




Don’t you think the people who have excessive gas money should drive gas guzzlers and us poor people who can barely afford to get around in them cheap motherfuckas that cost hundreds a month for maintenance and filling them bastards up should have hybrids?  I think I had a point ya’ll, I promise, but then I started becoming upset and this changed into a tangent.


So, that will be oil, I mean all.




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