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A Fact Of Life:

After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar say WTF

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Sketchy [CHARACTER]s

“Our youth is obsessed with material gain, instead of character.  The music is anti family, love, intelligence, morals, dignity.  It’s heartbreaking.”

in Conversation with Rell 11:08am

I was trying to figure out which is worse pulling a trigger or robbing  someone.  Being a murderer or thief…  What do you guys think?  I ask because I see so many committing genocide, mass suicides, and yes even filicide.

Do you see what you’ve done to the children?  How they’re living??? The youth have become anti-life because their role models are zombies: walking but ain’t breathing right; existing but ain’t living life.  Glorify hoods, sets, streets, and  projects.  You can tell the quality of strife when poverty, struggle, and starvation become bragging rights and gain respect.  Mama raise her children to go “on to the next one” and not dig in the trenches and work with love. Daddy give his seeds dufflebag toys so they can be future body bag boys. Her friends think it’s quaint the way the girls sing along to Beyonce songs.  They say, “He shoulda put a ring on it, but your daddy ain’t shit.”  You know, start them with that predisposition to distrust and hate men.  And well his buddies tell him, “That bitch ain’t shit but she can suck a dick.” Now lil man can know not to respect them but bed’m and forget’m.

They lay the foundation for them, draw enemy lines for little tikes to see war.  Now they’ll never mean more to each other than their own survival.  It’s the perfect plan to destroy allies and make rivals.  They give their hearts and wait for the rug to be pulled.  The AHA! moment to exclaim, “I knew I wasn’t a fool!”.  See trouble where there is peace and create turmoil in their wake.  Against the odd like crosses, but lack faith.  She wants him to deal with her whether she’s up or down.  It’s expected, this female forgiveness entitlement.  But if he fails, she gives him hell for weeks.  She wants to be his all but in the beginning broke his trust running to her friends and family to share their love with gossip folks.  Oh he just as sad, he loves to share their lovemaking with the guys.  Heard him tell them she has a nice trick and she becomes an object.   By the time he realizes he loves her, it’s too late he’s already unclothed her, dethroned her and made her vulnerable.  See the fellas know their intimate life so how can he make her more when they’ve mind fucked his future wife.  He has turned his queen into a hoe.  She can no longer have worth, he’s stuck in permanent indifference for poor decisions, poor management: the unplanned children.   POW! I can hear the pistols now.

Now they’ve forgotten how to work as a unit, each too comfortable working apart.  She wants her princess to attract a “hood nigga” and he want his boy to bring home a “5 star chick” to live ghetto fabulous ever after  and he can smack a bitch but she don’t mind  if she get her ‘nails did and a new outfit’. See mama killed hope and daddy stabbed love.  And everyone is complaining, they can’t find anybody to care for. It never works out because no one trusts.  Loving with walls and conditions as if love needs permission.  Control. Power. Compete. The 3 things that leave love weak but always feeds the sheeple finding trinities in disheveled steeples. Desecrated temples.  Everybody want salvation but no one wants to be redeemed. Shk! The knife shines with a silver gleam.

So I’ve been sitting here thinking about the people, the “we the people”~us and I couldn’t figure out if it would be worse pulling a trigger or robbing someone.  Surely I’d show more mercy than you social serial killers. You who kill hope, love, trust, and faith then go on about your day.  You begetters of the misbegotten maim them, even as you claim them you chain them to crippled beliefs so they can continue your legacy of self defeat.

I look and listen and understand what you’re missing, but it requires heart work and hard work.  A mirror, construction paper, and glue.  See at the end of this… you’ll have to rebuild a new you.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to pave roads to hell with good intentions so I’m gearing myself to kill people with kindness and murder them with understanding.  I’m going steal all the hate, blame, shame, and games then hide the bodies in broad daylight for all the world to see.  I keep wondering will I be labeled a murderer or thief…

What do you guys think?

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