I love the sound of rain, it reminds me maybe the world can be clean again. I hope it washes away pain and hides the sound of tears. The thunder echoes, its guttural moan and protest cry, the sky made love to earth and birthed air and we’re breathing life.

It’s creation outside… not pouring cats and dogs, but heartbeats & pacemakers to revitalize and feel.  Lightening struck you once before: you can focus on the pain, be the victim, and never heal.  But you CAN be reborn and redeemed, restored and re-seamed.  Stitch yourself in love and bind it up with trust and rinse it with some faith.

You may not be good as new but it’ll surely be a good new you.  Wear your scrapes and cracks like the bark of an old Oak tree.  You’re a survivor- you’ve weathered storms and stood the tests of time to spread your roots and limbs wonderfully alive.


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