Mothers make Excellent Grandmothers

I told my mom I wanted a “Pillow Pet”.  After explaining to me ‘only a fool’ would spend that much money on a pillow.   She told me she’d make me one (keep in mind, my mom sews her ass off) by drawing a face on a pillow with a magic marker…   I told her the one on TV allows the owner to carry their pajamas inside of it for sleepovers or overnight stays with a friend.  She said she’d buy me a big rubberband to keep it closed.  Now at this point, we’re damn near crying laughing because we knew:

1)I didn’t really want a damn pillow pet

2) If I were a child, her response would’ve been the same.

She was the realest person in that equation.  I was full of it but  her answer could have transcended decades.  It was comical…  I feel sorry for my future children because I know I will say those very words to them.  Just as I know, she’ll buy it for them.  Grandmotherhood changes a person.  My mom would’ve built my siblings and I a nintendo and a lite bright if she could have.  She would’ve made our monopoly board game and crafted the discs for connect four.  My nephews and niece get the finest, the latest, and the greatest.

I have decided not to resent those aspects of her character because they both stem from love.  Besides, I’m an adult now and with great power comes (sorry, was sidetracked) that comes the realization that  McDonald’s ain’t got sh*t on my Ma’s homeburger!


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