Honey, I’m Home

Dear Readers,

You’ll be glad to know I made it safely to TN.  I had a brief layover in Charlotte before arriving home to a slight drizzle.  It was a joy to my senses.  When I left Phx the sun was raping my skin, so I was happy to feel the slickness of rain… and not sweat.  I would’ve stood in it forever but my cousin/the ride politely told me to “bring my ass on”!  After hugging, assessing, and reassuring we decided each was as their were during the winter holidays and we were free to leave.

While in the airport, I loved seeing the rocking chairs.  Is that a southern airport thing?  You better tell me now as I WILL claim all the good things in the world are predominantly southern.  Yes, we know NY thinks it’s a country, Texas believes itself to be a nation, Florida allows Miami to tell it it’s Cuban (Bless their Hearts), and California… well poor little Cali hasn’t showered in weeks and keeps handing everyone ‘love beads and brownies’.

One Second you guys.

Stop that California!!!  I’m not playing with you.  Oh you think this is funny!?  What?  I have a walrus behind me.  What did you take this time???  Just sit done somewhere, I’m trying to write a letter to my readers!

Ok, where was I? Oh yes…

But in my mind I don’t mind branches, they create wonderful things like fruits, nuts, flowers, & foliage.  However, I like being the roots of things, aiding them along and helping them grow.  Sure folks forget about what in the dirty, but it’s a whole world below affecting everything around it.  Tonight Nashville gave me fireflies and moonlight and before I became too romantic and fanciful it gave me a mosquito bite the size of Gibraltar.  Balance always.

So I began a journal at the beginning of my trip back.  It may or may not end up in my ‘future’ book.  I’ll keep you posted…  I’m trying the one day at a time thing because there are no sureties, just truths.  One thing I know is going home gives perspective.  We learn who we are, who we used to be, and who we can become.  I’ll slide home– finish one transition, recoup , keep my focus.  I don’t care if it grounds me.  If I stand with a cruddy face and motley clothing.  I’ll be no worse for the wear and I will stand and dust myself off.  You just gotta make sure you stand back from the mirror next time when you see yourself rounding third 😉 

If you don’t push yourself, challenge you, and motivate you WHO will?

Travel Light,


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