No one would toss a raw diamond away, see the cracks and flaws on it and view it as being less perfect.  It saddens me that we throw away friendships, cut ties with family, or break a romance off because of a person’s “imperfections”.  We must cease placing people on pedestals.  We have to stop imposing impossible expectations on others to meet.  Who are we to seek perfection in imperfect beings, and are they less beautiful because of the cracks or because you look at them and it reminds you of the chasms you possess?  You are either part of the problem or the solution- if someone you love is cracking, mend them or learn to see their beauty in spite of.  You see, that’s how they love you, despite your faults.  We are a society of projectors, self mutilating ourselves and punishing others who can not be what we deem as flawless.  We have become a world where people toss diamonds… they only see pebbles.

but David slayed Goliath with a rock, those who are without sin should cast the first stones.


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