Un Ravel e d (In memory of the April Baby)

it left•was gone•like words• rolled off of tongues because what else was there to say

•our son, my fingers seemed to say as they shook•there is no dirt to sprinkle

unnatural deaths leave us to grasp air and empty spaces

nothing holding nothing•just the blanket I knitted for

you, little one• it’s blue and soft• created from the emotion in which you were made-  love

your lips were blue, your body soft

the doctor said we can make

another one• that there is no reason why we can’t have

another one and everything appears to be in working order…

just fine• My friends and the rest of your family say I’m still

young• that there is plenty of time  to have more• they don’t

know I just wanted you… a lifetime of you.

and no, I can’t make another one.

it’s all become stunted inside me, like your growth.

by Kimberley Gladney©




Filed under Nurture

2 responses to “Un Ravel e d (In memory of the April Baby)

  1. What a powerful and sad poem…the emotions are raw but spoken with such love.

    • Since that’s how I feel about “The Wood Carver”, you have on your page.
      There is strength and sorrow in that poem… You guys man…. you have such an eclectic array of poetry. I love stopping by. I should pay it forward and show my appreciation more. Thank you again, for your support has always meant a lot to me. It’s like having the teacher become a fan of the student.

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