Children Everywhere

Everyday at 1pm Mrs. Latham shouted, “Recess!”
and we raced to the door
pushed each other with youthful glee and feral gleams
gangly limbs pushing, wildly slashing breezes
beaded cornrows clanking, heart rates pumping
The Silver Polish , a siren song for






F-R-E-E-D-O-M, a schoolyard chant
“I am a bird & Watch me fly!” a schoolyard prayer
For we were all birds, wishing to fly from
the impotence of ghetto youth
growing up too soon
and all the things that killed innocence
not given, that naivety could scar you
So we flocked to the swings in hopes of taking flight
catching wind
and the metal links gave way to our tiny bodies
protested in groans and creaks
almost erased the screams of the night before
and though we had  free for all-ed
The swing by the left beam remained empty

She, wasn’t there….
wasn’t there to break air with caramel legs
wishing to soar
Her wings were clipped and eclipsed
She lay in Rm #219
her purity penetrated and torn
her heart twisted and mangled
her mind crippled
by a monster that did not live beneath beds but

walked our streets

lived in our homes

worshipped our Lord

supped at our tables

drank and watched sports with our fathers

wooed and courted our mothers

Played with our children

Stayed with our children

He did not have horns or scaled skin nor razor sharpened teeth
His face contained two eyes, a nose, lips, and yes even dimpled cheeks
but a beast he was, nonetheless
and though we laughed and sang songs
When it was time we returned to class
No One Looked Back
Not even me
by Kimberley Gladney©

Excerpts from Your Child on Sexual Abuse

Many parents are unsure or squeamish about bringing up sexual matters, especially with their children. Yet, there are ways of laying the groundwork so that you can talk to your child without scaring her. Establish an open dialogue about sexual issues early on. If you introduce the subject of sex in a discussion of abuse, there is the danger that the idea of sex may become automatically linked in your child’s mind with danger and anxiety.

If you have fostered in your child a sense of ownership regarding her body, she will likely have an instinct about what is okay for her body and what is not. You build on her natural sense of ownerships of her body by letting her pick out her own clothes or wash herself in her own way. Also, avoid pushing her to kiss or hug other adults when she clearly does not want to.

Finally, when parents treat their children’s bodies with respect, children tent to demand that others treat their bodies in a similar manner. Children who are consistently hit, grabbed, or physically punished at home may feel that adults are entitled to misuse their bodies simply because they are bigger.

For additional information, please visit American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry , you can also gather help aids at
Restorer Of The Breach, a non profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of children that have been victimized by molestation. The purpose of the foundation is to provide referrals, resources, and community education, for families that have been ravaged by sexual abuse.


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