I Heard…

love was on the way

think it got lost

with no compass

or map

maybe ran into hate

they always fight

but no one wins

neither right

they’re so much alike

very much the same

with everyone using their names in vain…

and I think love got lost

taken like so many of our child like fantasies

replacing imagination with reality

dream killer of happily ever after and we

Love gone

it’s lost

like a childhood story

the tortoise and the hare

but there is irony and a twist

the plot be syrup thickening

and love came quick…

like rabbits

until it was cinched

and the tail end always leaves little to be desired.

there is nothing lucky about chopping off a foot to save oneself from doom

steel traps

and the heart is boxed in

screaming “Help”

then hate come slowly, steady, creeping, inching, moving forward.

We forgot he was running too

as we forgot what we were running to.

But we watched him cross the finish line.

——————————————————— F ———————————————






Kimberley Gladney ©


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3 responses to “I Heard…

  1. sean

    Kg. This is super hot. Ooooooooo yeah. Um hmmm baby

  2. I absolutely love this song! The whole album is interesting. She’s surprised me. 🙂

    • Yeah, this album has more influences of other music genres and this one is almost has hints of gospel but not “Stomp” more like Mahalia Jackson singing Wade in the Water. This is a Negro Spiritual. When I bought the record, I was cleaning up and had to stop and sit on the couch to just listen…

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