Million Dollar Bodies

To all the women out there I say
Your body is worth a million
And in totality you are priceless
Because of who you are
Because of what you endure
I must send this message to counteract what all the world tells you
The papers, magazines, television media, commercials, billboards, radio, movies, society at large all tell you:
“Your hair is not right, your eyes not the right color, your nose not the right shape, your lips too plump or too fat, your breast not big enough, not perky enough, your stomach too large, and god forbid you should bare stretch marks as a result of bringing life into this world and furthering our civilization…your but to big, too small, too flat, not round enough..your legs should always be hairless, and your feet should adorn shoes that are only normal for a
circus freak to w a l k    i n”
No matter what they say…you are priceless

That you can endure all things natural and unnatural
That threaten the elements you are told make you a woman…
Do not absorb these messages
Your body is worth a million

To the 2.5 million women who were told that cells were multiplying in their body so rapidly that the removal of what they want you to believe makes you a woman needed to be promptly ripped their chests, baring blood and flesh, threatening to take their spirit with them…so what is left of you may live
Your body is still worth a million

To the 1600 women a day being told that the elements connected to the center of their purpose, procreation, must be clipped from their bodies and plucked from their soul – therefore no longer making them whole…I’m telling you NO!
Your body is still worth a million

Despite 1 in 6 women being told they were robbed of themselves because some man decided to trespass on their million dollar land…understand…nothing was taken-
you’re are still intact and you are still in fact worth a million

It is not the lumps on your chest, the ability to procreate, your sexual utility, or the body image fallacy that deems your worth.  It is the elements of you that are ingrained within you – your mind, your spirit, your soul
Encompassed in a package of beautiful feminine flesh
In totality this package is priceless

No matter that women make up almost 50% of the workforce and hold only 3 percent of the CEO positions in our fortune 500 companies
No matter that women are still paid 23 percent less than their male counterparts for the same positions
No matter that almost a third of the women in the workforce are sent the message that the they are just sexual objects
Hear me when I say in totality you are priceless

For the women who will be told by their mate that she is worthless please hear me
For the 1 in 4 women who will absorb physical blows in their homes in silence please hear me
For the 3 women who lose their lives every day at the hands of their partners let their deaths not be in vain and hear me

Because of who you are
Because of what you endure
Your body is worth a million
and in totality you are priceless

-Nikki G

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2 responses to “Million Dollar Bodies

  1. A truly wonderful post….I’m glad I had a chance to read it.

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