Most people don’t understand that some places are right for them and others are not and will not ever be. I feel saddened for those who never journey to find “their” place. The world is always calling but few seek what they need, always searching for something in a place with no answers to nourish them.

You become a dissonance. It’s not the place that is not good, but you.  The location is as it was meant to be and nourishes those who are of it.  You are the sore thumb, pricked by the force of your own presence and the resentments you harbor for it not being what you need it to be.  In such a state, you will never find happiness, but a legacy of sorrow because you’ll never belong (Square peg, Round Hole/Big Fish, Small Pond).  Your spirit will always seek sanctuary and if you don’t find it, the pain will break you little by little. You’ll lose yourself and never fulfill who you were meant to be. Find the place that resonates with your heart and call it home…  We outgrow places and people, do not settle or be afraid of taking the next steps of your journey in life.

You may not find solace immediately, but the heartaches and joy, troubles and accomplishments will shape you and mold you into the person you need to be.  Each one bringing you a step closer to the place that you will connect with.  I read in a book once, we can never be where our hearts don’t belong.  If you are in a place of despair, it is because your heart despairs.  If you live in a place of light, it is because there is a spark within…  Be patient.  Growth does not happen overnight.  It takes work and practice and vision- hope.  Every flower has weeds and if you allow them to thwart you, your seeds will never take root and you will never blossom.  Nourish your potential.  Life is waiting for you.  Just be ready to listen.  Do not turn away from the voice inside you.  Do not allow fear to damage the crops you harvest.  If you want to hold the beauty of a rose, accept the thorns as well.

Travel Light.

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