Be Counted!?

Dear 2010 Census Authors ,

I’m at a loss as to what to check for race as we are not negroes, we are Americans.  You should have been alerted that individuals who are born in America whose parents immigrated here from Africa are Afr-Ams. We are black or if you want to base it on ancestry we will look for the “Stolen Afrikans” box.

Thank you,



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2 responses to “Be Counted!?

  1. Annie

    Some people have said that the US immigration office is going to trace census respondents, find out if they are in this country legally, then locate and deport them if they are not. It’s part of a crackdown on undocumented workers — SO wrong!

    • It is a form of entrapment for sure. Borders are boundaries, so we become separatists and lose just a little bit more humanity.
      We all want to be counted and acknowledged into existence but not at the cost of ourselves,our dignity, and our heritage!

      Thanks for responding once again ; )

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