Why is it that ALL Birds, and I don’t mean your local birds… though them too.  No, no, no I’m talking about vacation birds, spring break birds, winter birds, summer birds, big birds, small birds, international birds, out of state birds, island birds, jungle birds.  It seems no matter where you are or where you’re from ALL birds know some dude named CARL!

“Caaaaaarl Carl, Carl Caaaarl”!  They shout from morning to night.  Some have grown hoarse from singing their praise and worship of him.  They are forced to “Chirp” it on their Nextel phones.

Carl is the keeper of the birds, imagine a male Gaia from Captain Planet but his sole focus is fowl.  I like to imagine that he has fields and fields of birdfeeders, that look like a little bird city.  They even have a little retirement bird home and he comforts them before they head to the big feeder in the sky…  Yes, Carl is like the dog whisperer but unlike Cesar, he only rehabilitates chickens and crows and flamingos.  On Carl’s ranch (yeah when I was typing earlier, it became a ranch) they have bird spas or as we humans call them, fountains.  They eat good too, Carl has every seed known to mankind.  He has acres of unripened fruit and vegetables and flowers.  Carl loves them.  However, before time was time he asked that they not peck the berries off a certain tree and they disobeyed, and were forced to leave and live in  LMAO !

Ya’ll just as crazy for reading this and following along with my crazy ass 😉


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