I Fall in Love with Concepts

… that I haven’t thought of.  Bob Neel Adams is a photographer whose work often finds him tearing pictures in two.  Mr. Adams was able to come up with surreal images that are eerie when one gets a true glimpse of what it means when they say “related by blood”.  He stitches them together to make family quilts.  We often find folks telling us how we got “our mama nose” or “our daddy’s eyes”.  Apparently Bob saw the truth in this as well.  He also discovered another simple fact, we always look the same as when we were young.  Here’s some of my favorites!  The first batch takes a man or woman’s childhood picture and fuses it with a current of them as an adult.  The second takes a mother/daughter, father/son and so on and shows just how strong genetics truly are.  So I’m proud to be in the skin I’m in and look forward to seeing the girl I used to be.  And if there is just a hint of “Ma Dear” in me, I feel blessed….

There was nothing more beautiful than the wrinkles on her face

and her brown embrace…

To view additional photos check out www.bobbyneeladams.com

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