Tribute to THE RUBY ROOM

I always loved performing at the Ruby Room in Downtown Phoenix.  It reminded me of the juke joints and funk clubs of the 1970’s.  I wanted to sit in a corner in one of those those high back wicker chairs fit for a King or a Pimp.  I’m sure I’d be wearing a hat with a feather and a leisure suit smoking a cig and swirling a glass of cognac.  With its darkly lit interior and velveteria nude paintings on the wall, the Ruby Room had character and a personality.  I was saddened to see it go.  It just goes to show how important it is for communities to support the venues that are the heart of their cities.  So often artists get dicked around and take home very little from the door- shady venue dealings and greedy owners.  The Ruby Room always poured you free drinks and would even pour you another cup… if they liked you; )  They promptly responded to each and every booking inquiry, and paid you what you earned.  Mostly the owners were good people.  They were honest people.  The people, the fans, and the players.  It was us, who complain about what we go through with other places and other shows.  We let them down and I’m equally to blame, but dammit I tried my best.  I went to the Ruby Room to hear an old vet spend rare vinyl and to see some of my favorite bands rock it out.  It wasn’t enough.  I wish I could’ve done more.  Your last day, I saw your walls packed with bodies and it saddened me, “Where had these people been before?” when you needed their support.  I needed support.  Human nature, slow to say hello quick to say goodbye.

We let them go.

We dropped the ball…

I miss you.  You booked us for our first shows when other doors remained closed.  Back then we were an unknown band called Mobius still trying to figure out who we were and what we sounded like.  I couldn’t keep you going but I can offer you this-

A Tribute Poem.


Go to the Ruby Room

Click your mic twice and repeat after me….

There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

here’s to Rainy Days and Good Music

souls that want to be nourished.

All seeds wanna grow

the Sun stepped out the limelight to give you growth.

cleanse you

some of us are still reeling from the healing

but it doesn’t stop

and we don’t either

Children of the Sun…

We just want to live create and be.

Velvet portraits and wooden chairs…


Stiff drinks and Moving feet.

Moving me.

No I in TEAM

but AHA!

there is an I in me

I am me

and I feel it.

dig it

Hear it

Weaving webs and Casting spells

Astro projecting in notes

Touching hearts

Give me a beat

Give me some heat

Give me a beat

Give me some heat

Go to the Ruby Room

Click your mic twice.

Ain’t it nice?






a child’s laughter in a slum.


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