Setbacks by Kimberley Gladney

said I’m setback
and all it took was his voice
reminding me
of him and I
and how good it used to be
and all I hoped we’d be and see
I’m a nurturer
see he needed me
you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink
he was dehydrated yet insisted he wasn’t thirsty
and I wanted to be his water
not good at pain
heart palpitations ending in ache or break
but based on how I feel
my HEART’s been maimed
the “RT” is gone
and now “L” wants to scoot in
so I can heaL
spend nights in laughter
and not in tears
it took his words to get me here
not what he said but all the things he didn’t say
couldn’t say
wouldn’t say
like miss you love you and i’m sorries
and immediately I remember how we got to this place
and I’m no longer setback but set straight
set ok
stepping away
and all it took was his voice


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