A Poem for Naudia circa 2001

She smiles at me as if i were a god
her own personal deity…
the weight grows heavy on my shoulders
I am only human, but my small angel doesn’t see this-
to her, I am perfect.
She loves me as a child loves unconditionally without judgment and righteousness
my faults, failures, and shortcomings do not exist when I gaze into her innocent eyes
I am only a person, a woman with love to give
and with love to give, I kiss her forehead
she smiles at me
a beacon of hope
a shaft of light to erase the darkness
she smiles at me and suddenly I think she knows…
I’m mortal.
Kimberley Gladney©


Filed under Love

2 responses to “A Poem for Naudia circa 2001

  1. A very beautiful and warm poem…but somehow I think children and even adults fail to see the mortality of those they love.

    • Thank you very much! I think loving anyone brings out the protective instincts in us all… We want to save our loved ones from life, ourselves, themselves, and yes, even death. We become very selfish that way when loving. I remember as a child telling my grandmother she couldn’t die until after me, lol! I’ve survived her passing but think of her everyday. That’s her legacy- love. In that regard, she lives.

      Thanks again for the comment!

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