Obama didn’t do this!!!
Obama hasn’t done that!!!!

This reminds me of…

benchwarmers who complain about their team’s performance.

Can we trust this…
Should we have faith in that…

Wow, can the President be President? And why is it I’ve never seen any of your names on a ballot. Have any of you even ran locally? In 2009, I’ve decided I will not criticize or judge anyone who does something I don’t or have not attempted to do. If things are not done to my liking, I’ll do it myself or make the necessary adjustments.

If I do it myself and succeed, great.

If I fail or decide to not try, I’ll gain a deeper appreciation of others who do what I’m unable or unwilling…

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’re not making any positive changes or if you can’t say anything constructive, I urge you to shut the la lal la up-  Geez!  I have always found complainers who don’t do anything but whine highly annoying, arrogant, and self-serving. You’re the same group who do not do anything productive in society or feel because you donate to charity, you contribute to this world. You also have a tendency of starting sentences with:

If that was me…

I would’ve…

Anyone can…

Now I’m aware that S.D.S. (Sideline Delusional Syndrome) can be terminal, but it is preventive.
[See your life story, i.e. take a personal assessment of what you’ve done in that made an improvement in the lives of others.]

So let the President be the President….

Unless you have foreign diplomats on speed dial or Bashar al-Assad in your Fab 5, keep your U.S. 2cents to yourself.

Now, we are in the “FINALS” people.
We’re underdogs.
No one believes in this team because we haven’t won a game in years.
We have the lowest stats ever.
It’s going to take hard work and a will to win to pull this off.
This takes time and conditioning.
It takes awhile to get accustomed to new plays.
It’s not going to happen overnight.
We have to recondition ourselves.
We got a new rookie hot shot coach and he has some radical plays.
We’re going to win this.

I mean, honestly, you’re wearing a championship ring because you’re on the team. You didn’t earn it for playing or scoring a single point… in my rational mind, it hardly places you in a position to give hypothetical advice to our MVPs and Coaches.

Now, be nice and fetch everyone who’s sweating a Gatorade.


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