[for the Red, White, & Bruised]

It was not about us, the future…
It was about them, the past…

It was a night many thought impossible or a seed they would not see come to fruition in their lifetime.
It was the cleansing of a stain that has blemished this nation for hundreds of years.

It was shackles.
It was public humiliation.
It was lashes and salted licks.

It was barking dogs
It was Jim Crow.

It was poor wages.
It was bad housing.

It was discrimination.
It was profiling.

It was indecent healthcare.
It was inadequate school systems.

A healing of a wound.

It was the hope that the invisible scar, the older black generation carries, would not be inflicted on their children.
That finally, the future, can live a life filled with the same ambitions as other Americans.
We have been doctors, teachers, masons, lawyers, policemen, and more.

But now, we too dream America.
And the little ones now say, “I want to be president when I grow up”.

Kimberley Gladney©


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