Gimme Lul

Give me some Black love
Spread Hips love

Big Lips love
Wide Nostrils love

Kinky Haired love
Nice Thighs love

Dark Eyed love
Muscled Calves love

Purple love
Blue love
Red love

Go to bed love
Hold my hand love

Kiss the baby’s head love
Walk him to practice love
You can be a princess love
One Walt Disney didn’t create love
You can be a scholar love
Don’t have to be no baller love

Give me some In Spite Of love
Insightful love
Inside Us love

Just Don’t Deny Us love
like them in the old days
trapped in the old ways
because slaves getting married was irrelevant
when Massa’ sent Mr. from Mrs.

So listen

Celebrate Our love!
With a trumpet or harmonica
Moan and Strum this love

Hum this love
Mmm Mmmm this love

Can’t Break Our love
Can’t Make Our love
Can’t Take Our love

It be His…
It be Hers…
It be Mine…

A Mystery to Unravel
Onyx that Blinds


Black LOVE

be Strong love
be Proud Love

endearing love
Enduring love


Kimberley Gladney©


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