Who’s Who

Most Talented, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Outgoing, Most Popular, Most Prophetic, and Most likely to Rip the Mic.

This isn’t School Daze, this is the cast and members of Black Poet Ventures.     The Best Of BPV – were center stage last night to celebrate five years of Black Poet Ventures.  In 5 years, they have put on plays that cast over 200 people.  We’re not talking 200 average Joes and Janes.  We’re speaking of savants, innovators, risk takers, and thinkers.  On top of  inspiring us, the event also raised funds for youth scholarships.

“Poeticductions” was coined by BPV in 2006 to define its avant-garde way of showcasing poetry/spoken word.  Last night  included excerpts from Ed Pavlic’s Winners Have Yet To Be Announced: A Tribute To Donny Hathaway; Cool Like That: A Tribute To Miles Davis; EchoVerses: Black Poets Yesterday Today; Conversations In The Key Of Life; If I Could Change The World; Soft & Wet: From Her Lips To Your Ears; Between The Sheets: Love, Life & Poetry; as well as Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide

As if that weren’t enough to rock the host, the audience heard spoken word from BPV members Billy Ramsey, Robert Daniels and Leah Marché.  Additional pieces were spit by Jazzy, Ed Mabrey, HB, Wisdom, bakeem lloyd, Donna Williams, Candace Moreno, Cristin Coleman, Tina Clark and Fathiyyah Bashshar.  Finger snapping, Toe Tapping, and Head Bobbing music/vocal performances were by Jason Henry, Alex Michel, Joe Granado, Mic J, Patrice, Courtnei Carey and Marcus Wolf.

2010, this is your class.

Hold your head high for they have done you justice….


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