Thank GOD I‘m Fine…


Statistics show that the public does not respond well to ugly people in the media or music, unless you’re Susan Boyle [and you see how the wolves couldn’t wait to taste her]. The more pleasing to the eye an artist is the quicker the public rushes to embrace them.  We see talented artists pushed under the radar because they don’t fit the mold of industry beauty.   On that note, I need to go figure out what I’m going to wear for my show tonight.

We’ve come full circle.  I hope tonight is a beautiful for everyone.  I’m excited.  I do music in a scene that often involves me hearing from venues, ” Um… we don’t usually book soul/funk music”.  I can’t help but wonder if it’s my appearance that draws these assessments.  Our music is so much more than soul/funk.  It’s infused with rock and blues and jazz and hip hop.  Alas, I’m not a blue eyed soul singer.  I’m just a black woman singing from my heart.  We’re just a group of musicians trying to create our own sound and innovate on the music that inspires us.  I like to think we can’t be pigeonholed and that’s our niche- something new.  Besides, I don’t want to be famous nor do I seek recognition.  I just want to be appreciated for being “Beautifully Human”.  Maybe one day society will judge people by merit and not what they see….

until then  T.G.I.F.



Enjoy yourself and your night and love the ones you’re with

or go somewhere you do,  just saying.






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4 responses to “TGIF

  1. lol many of the remarks bloggers post certainly are a bit spacey, from time to time i think whether they really read through the pieces of content and threads before placing a comment or whether they merely gloss over the post title and write the very first ideas that pops inside their brain. anyway, it is actually helpful to search clever commentary occasionally in contrast to the exact same, old opinion which i quite often notice on the web.

    • I like to laugh at myself. I was getting ready to head out and it actually did “pop in my head” lol! Only I gave it a thought to kinda coat check myself
      on the arrogance meter… but when I gave it thought I said to myself, “Well hell, it’s true” that was exactly how I felt. Push come to shove I’d rather be
      attractive than ugly… smaller than bigger (this is only relevant to a woman thinking on weight and not a man’s penis ha ha), smarter than dumber.

      B/c there are perks and benefits in society. Which is why whites enjoy being white.
      As I know with a certainty when the Spanish population reaches majority, I’m learning the language and I will fill out my census form
      and erase black and put Panamanian. It will be hard for awhile to get rid of my friends and pretending to die so my family doesn’t look
      for me. But I’m ditching LaKisha for Chiquita. My homies and I are going to have great credit and laugh at the poor minority whites, asians, and blacks.
      When this event takes place in 2030, I will delete this evidence, I mean post.

      Thank you :p

  2. Great site, I actually discovered it to be facinating. I am looking forward to returning once again to find out what is recent.

    • My mind is a cirque du soleil meets the ringling bros. It’s the movie Big Fish but the tales aren’t exaggerated but my truths, lol!
      I was conversing with a friend about fiction the other day. When I gather my thoughts, I shall post!

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