Lazy as Hell

February 18, 2010

Dear Reader,

If I see anyone with this I, personally, pledge to BITCH slap you.

If you have to spend money on a keyboard just to type “LOL” faster, I suggest you get a life.  Leave your home and interact with real people!  Take a shower, shave, and clean up your house.  As  BTW, I will CYA and ASAP LMAO! L8R loser— you and your Fast Finger Keyboard can kick rocks!!!


100% #FAIL





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2 responses to “Lazy as Hell

  1. I think this is a lovely blog. A co-worker had spoken of this post and I must say it will turn into a daily visit for me! Thanks for the good post.

    • Sorry for the late response… for some reason wordpress spammed this comment ; (
      Thank you for the lovely remarks. It’s been therapeutic for me and a fun adventure
      that I hope to “follow thru” with. It’s a process and I tend to write when I have things
      on my chest. Whether venting, going on a tangent, being preachy, silly, or just plain
      wanting to share- this is me.

      Come back. Your opinions, views, arguments are ALWAYS welcomed and respected.
      I’m not here to be God or critic. Just to open dialogue and share my life experiences
      joy failures accomplishments fuck ups all from my crazy perspective.

      Thanks again!

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