I had my face melted off last night

by DJ Daddy Rich of  3rd Bass|Supermen Dj’s

Rich also appeared in the movie “Juice” in the DJ battle scene, and recorded the scratches for the soundtrack.  He was one of the first DJs ever to do a DJ trick routine on TV when appearing on the Arsenio Hall show.  Although, he didn’t stay in the forefront and mainstream, he is still one of the best, most influential, and skilled DJs ever.   He currently tours and plays all over, hailing from Brooklyn, he now calls Tempe AZ home.

He stood on the stage creating magic.  I mean, he was dope for no damn reason as in it wasn’t anyone’s birthday; it wasn’t a holiday; no one won the lottery.  However, I’m sure he helped a lot of people get laid.  See the music gets your Strut Tight and your Swag Right…

He just kept pulling out soulful grooves and scratched those records like it wasn’t anyone’s business.  He could’ve been alone, because he was in the music.  You could hear it in every jam.  Song after Song, I developed an intense sense of music envy.  It’s like penis envy, but with records, lol!  I wanted a flash drive, some zip files, and my ipod.  When the mixtape comes out, sign me up!  He played that good shhhhh… like how it used to be

No Playlist.

No Laptop.

just Funky cuts, spinning on a turntable.

After the show he said, ” I used to be able to get a record and find out what musicians where on it, like who’s on bass, keys, or drums, and so on.  It made it easy to build collections and fuse songs together… but now everything is mp3.  We’re losing the musicianship and artistry.  It’s no longer about the musicians, but the label.”

Well, thank you man for putting down that sweet music to my soul.  However, next time bring some cds.  That music needs to be played in cars and house parties and every frequency we can blast it on.  Maybe then the people will hear it and remember music.  Until then:

Every other Tuesday, Thanks to graffiti artist legend Dumperfoo

“Dirty Funk” at the Yucca Tap Room

funk, 45’s, soul, psych

Cadillacs, Box Chevys, Alligator Shoes, and Minks Welcome




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